Speck Smart shell Case for Macbook Pro13 inch (CD รุ่นเก่า)

Speck Satin Case for Macbook Pro13 inch (CD รุ่นเก่า) ผิวมันใส มีสีเขียวมินท์ และสีเหลืองสะท้อนแสง


Show off the personality of your MacBook Pro 13" with a lightweight, form-fitting MacBook case in your favorite color.

Add extra protection and a splash of color with Speck’s SeeThru case -- a hard-shell MacBook Pro 13 case! This hard-shell case snaps onto your MacBook Pro in two pieces, holds secure, and is totally removable. Added details like vent slots for heat disbursement and rubberized feet for stability make this MacBook Pro with Retina Display cover highly functional as well as delightfully colorful.


  • Fits all MacBook Pro 13" models (Old Model)
  • Show your colors. Dress your MacBook Pro in vivid color with a crystal-candy finish.
  • On-the-go protection. Form-fitting, glossy hard shell keeps scuffs and scratches at bay.
  • Stay cool. Rubberized feet and vent slots keep your MacBook from overheating.
  • Sleek design. Lightweight two-piece design is easy to snap on and off.
  • สินค้าทำเฉพาะรุ่นไม่สามารถใช้ด้วยกันได้

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    Macbook Pro Retina 13.3 หลังปี 2012 Model Number A1425 และ A1502


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